Cold Hors D’Oeuvres Menu Suggestions

Shrimp Cocktail Market Price
Assorted Fresh Fruit Trays (serves 30-50) 58.00
Assorted Soft Cheese Balls 53.00
Imported Cheese Mirror with Crackers 75.00
Cheeseball with Crackers 55.00
Assorted Cold Deli Meats 15.00/lb
Deviled Eggs 34.00
Skewered Tortellinis with Dipping Sauces 14.00/lb
Finger Sandwiches 54.00
Fresh Vegetables with Dip 55.00
Seafood Paté with Bread or Crackers 18.00/lb
Gourmet Sub Sandwich 13.95/ft
Antipasto Tray (serves 50) 85.00
Seafood Canapés 55.00
Croissants with Shrimp Salad 64.00
Croissants with Ham Salad 54.00
Nacho Chips with Salsa or Jalapeño Cheese Sauce 54.00
Small Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce 15.00/lb
Bruschetta with Various Toppings 65.00
Fruit & Cheese Tray 75.00
Fruit Kabobs with Dipping Sauce 50.00
Pineapple Crab Paté 14.00/lb
Mexican Dip and Salsa with Chips 59.00
Smoked Salmon Slices with Capers & Dill Sauce 79.00
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms (25 pieces) 55.00
Smoked Salmon Spread with Pita Chips 58.00
Grilled Vegetables with Dipping Sauce 58.00
Coffee, Iced Tea, Punch 15.00/gal

Full Bar Set Up Is Available

All items plus tax and service. All prices are for trays of 50 pieces unless otherwise specified. Orders over $495.00 include plastic ware and tablecloths for serving tables. If you prefer an item not mentioned, please ask. Chinaware is available on request for additional cost.

Prices Subject to Change